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My Policeman: A Musical That’s Not on the Record

My Policeman: A Musical That’s Not on the Record

Review: ‘My Policeman’ unspools longing and regret of a Harry Styles-centered sexual triangle

My Policeman is the most-anticipated movie to hit theaters this summer. But you don’t have to be an expert on teenage romance to know that it’s not the only one.

It’s rare for a big-budget musical to come out of nowhere and stay relevant for over a decade, but My Policeman remains that and more. In its debut year, it was a high-profile entry in the “coming-of-age” musical genre, in which a young singer-songwriter (or singer-actress) finds an agent, an ideal partner in a budding friendship.

A contemporary take on the classic film noir love story, My Policeman is the story of Harry Styles, 18, and his friend Joe, 17, who have been together for a year, and who live near one another in a house party. Harry is the aspiring singer-songwriter he’s been seeking, while Joe is his musical collaborator. They call the first song they ever wrote a “policeman” because that was its origin.

“We have a lot of fun together,” Harry tells us in a phone interview earlier this week. He says Joe’s presence is the only thing that prevents them from being a couple. “I would be in love with him if I knew my next birthday would be with him, or at least him being on my other side.”

After hearing the song, Harry calls Joe and asks for an autograph. Joe calls him out on his bluff and tells him, “It’s not on the record, Harry.”

Harry is the last person to hear that song, but it’s on the record. It’s a song he wrote after Joe invited him over to help with the band he was in. “I was surprised Joe liked it,” Harry says. “I thought he was just kind of rude.”

As the two of them go on their separate ways, Harry has a few last wishes for his friend before Joe leaves to go see his grandmother. “I asked if Joe

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