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The Democratic Party’s Best Alternative to the President

The Democratic Party’s Best Alternative to the President

Op-Ed: No matter what happens in the midterms, pundits will trot out familiar narratives about the Democratic Party.

By Emily Davis

The midterms are weeks away, and the Democratic Party is faced with choosing between two extremely different options: a strategy that will keep the President’s party out of power, or a strategy that will get in and keep the President as President.

The President and his team are using Twitter, Facebook, and every other public platform in their arsenal to attack the party that elected them, while Democrats are using every possible tool on the other side. It’s one of the most complicated election campaigns in history.

As the deadline for candidates to submit paperwork to run for federal office nears, some Democrats see a path forward by focusing only on the districts where they feel they can make the biggest impact, while others believe a national strategy is needed.

I’m going to start off by giving you a primer on what’s happening on the campaign trail. Then I will dive into national politics and give some more detail on the potential presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders.

Before the midterms kick off, let’s look at the presidential race in Washington state, where it seems the Democrats have found a good alternative to the President in terms of how to unseat him.

Democrats in Washington state are looking to make gains in the congressional races in the state, which may be a path forward in the state’s gubernatorial race, too.

The race for governor

The incumbent is the Republican Governor Jay Inslee, who is the third-ranking House Democrat. He has built an effective and popular legacy in the state by being both progressive and conservative in the same breath. However, this year his Republican opponent is a candidate who has the best chance of defeating him.

Incumbent Gov. Jay Inslee

Democrat John Leitch, the current Washington State State Insurance Commissioner, is looking to capitalize on Inslee’s unpopularity, and has the best chance of unseating the governor in the state at a time when Inslee is unpopular and could win reelection. However, Inslee has a lot of money in the bank, and

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