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The Times Podcast: Paul Bresciani

The Times Podcast: Paul Bresciani

The Times podcast: Coyotes go urban; humans freak out in Texas

The Times’ podcast with my colleague, Paul Bresciani, is a continuing commentary on the world around us and the events that shape our understanding of who we are as a kind of people – and as a kind of nation.

In this episode, Paul and I discuss the Arizona Coyotes’ move to Winnipeg, where the team has been headquartered since it joined the NHL in 1993. We also talk with Mike “Fluffy” Johnson about the rise of human-powered flight, which just happened to be a big story. The world is in a weird place right now.

Mike and Paul discuss whether the Times should be selling subscriptions on this podcast – and what we’re likely to be reading about next week.

Paul Bresciani is a contributing editor at The New Yorker. He was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in journalism in 2016 for his reporting on the Trump era.

Mike “Fluffy” Johnson is the chief technology officer of Baidu, the world’s largest supplier of cloud-based software and mobile device technology. He was the most powerful technology executive in the Chinese government before his firing in June 2016 for what he said was inappropriate behavior.

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“The notion of a journalist as an outsider is an anachronism. A person is not an outsider unless he is a part of the community, and unless the reporter shares some of its values.” — from Paul Bresciani’s “Notes on Journalism.” (Source)

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