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The L.A. Political Class of Today Is the Problem and Not The Solution

The L.A. Political Class of Today Is the Problem and Not The Solution

Letters to the Editor: L.A. needs more politicians? How a bigger City Council makes government smaller

Published March 9, 2013 | Updated December 2, 2013

by Chris Serna

To the Editor:

What could be better? If a major corporation wanted to move a project like a new headquarters in Los Angeles they would have to fight an expensive legal battle. But if a major political figure wanted to move, say, a project to the Staples Family YMCA they simply pay the politician a salary for the past six months until a new politician is elected.

The result is that L.A. Mayor Jerry Brown is unable to move out as many city projects as he has wanted to and the mayor continues to be beholden to wealthy special interests.

There are plenty of politicians who can work together. And they should be. But, as evidenced by the Mayor’s proposed new city council, the L.A. political class of today is the problem and not the solution.

To the Editor:

We are a city that has been on the edge of bankruptcy for more than a decade. Many of us have had enough and have had our fill. It is now time to get our city back on the right track.

Many on the far left love to throw around the phrase “We are all in this together”, yet there are many in our city who are not part of the problem, but part of the solution.

When asked why they voted for any politician when they were voting against the interests of our city, many citizens answered the same question. They believe their interest is more important than that of the city.

It would have been better if they had thought so. They put their city on the path to a bankruptcy in order to avoid having to spend taxpayer dollars to keep the city afloat. The result is a city that is not healthy and is sinking further and further into debt.

Many people say this city is great, but they don’t live here.

I was

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