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The Latest New Players in the WTA

The Latest New Players in the WTA

The WTA and Women’s Tennis Struggle With Challenges From Beyond the Court

With the 2017 season now in the books, it’s time to take a look at what tennis fans can expect in 2018 and what changes might come with the additions of new players. With the addition of 20 new players, the top-ranked women’s tennis lineup has been reinforced for WTA Tour action. With so many new players, it’s no secret that the WTA was forced to make some decisions on the field, as well as on the sidelines. With the additions of Caroline Zeller, Madison Keys, and more, the WTA is not just adding new players to the field, but some players are also leaving, or have already left.

A Look at the Latest New Players in the WTA

The WTA, through their website, released a press release saying that Caroline Zeller will be the next female player added to their tour. In the release, they announced that Zeller, a 17-year old Australian, is aiming to become a future Grand Slam champion. She is the only top-100 ranked player in the WTA. She is also a former junior champion.

The news about Zeller comes as no surprise. In May, the WTA confirmed that their search for a new finalist for the women’s singles is over. On August, they announced that Madison Keys was their new finalist. Key is the 16-year-old American. In April, Keys became the youngest player to ever qualify for a WTA event, at the 2013 US Open. Her ranking is currently the 107th-best. Keys is now the latest in a series of successful new additions to the WTA. When Keys was chosen as a new finalist, the WTA went through a series of decisions, where they decided that two different players were not suitable to be added to the WTA team, while someone else would replace them. This means that the top ranked American, who is ranked the 4th best in the world, is currently on the outside looking in for her tournament spots.

On top of that, Zeller will be an important addition to the WTA, who already has some key players on their team. They have

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