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The Age of Trump

The Age of Trump

I’m Doug Mastriano: This is why I want Pennsylvania’s vote in the midterm election on Tuesday to be one that results in voter anger and resentment.

The 2018 midterm elections are going to be one for the ages.

It’s like we’ve been living in the Age of Trump.

It’s as if we’ve all been living in a nightmare.

We’ve had Trump’s racist and demeaning attacks.

We’ve had attacks on Planned Parenthood.

We’ve had attacks on African-Americans and on immigrants. We’ve had attacks on our religious liberty.

We’ve got the Department of Homeland Security telling us we can’t be on the same airplanes as Muslims.

We’ve had the Department of Justice investigating us and launching a partisan investigation into the president and members of his campaign team and staff because they may know something.

This is a presidency where the lines of acceptable political debate have blurred.

It’s now an open war with the media and with political opponents.

And the people we elected and nominated to high office are making the right decisions.

The people who are running for president are people who aren’t just being reckless and impulsive. They’re being bold, and they’re taking the steps necessary to strengthen our country.

But the people we’ve chosen who are in those offices aren’t just doing the right thing.

I’m talking about people who are making a calculated decision: choosing their own political beliefs and values, rather than being manipulated.

I’m talking about people who are taking this to their graves.

I’m talking about people who are getting killed.

I’m talking about people who are risking their lives.

And I’m talking about Americans who are losing their health coverage, losing their insurance, leaving their families to pay for expensive drugs.

I’m talking about young people who are struggling to get a good education and a good job.

This is

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