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Santa Anas Fire Returned to Los Angeles

Santa Anas Fire Returned to Los Angeles

No emergency outages after Santa Ana winds prompted Southern California fire danger warnings


A large fire in Los Angeles has caused some minor property damage, but there are no signs of a widespread evacuation as a result.

“We’re in the process of getting things under control,” said a Los Angeles County Fire Department spokesman.

“The fire has come within 400 feet of our facilities. It’s under control and under control” of firefighters, he said, noting that as of 9pm, the fire had burned out most of its fuel.

Residents who have been evacuating their homes and businesses along the 405 Freeway due to fires have returned home after Santa Anas had been predicted along much of the California coast.

Forecasters with the National Weather Service expected Santa Anas to move from the coast to over the mountains between San Diego and Los Angeles, the Daily Breeze reports.

The National Weather Service also says the Santa Ana winds were the strongest on record in a single day for Southern California.

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