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Jeff Bezos is trying to change the Washington Commanders team name to the Amazon Washington Commanders

Jeff Bezos is trying to change the Washington Commanders team name to the Amazon Washington Commanders

Jeff Bezos hints he’s buying the Washington Commanders: ‘We’ll have to wait and see’

Jeff Bezos hinted he’s buying the Washington Commanders baseball team. If he’s serious about changing his name, he can change the team name as well

Jeff Bezos is trying to convince the Washington Commanders to change their team name to the Amazon Washington Commanders, the Seattle newspaper is reporting on Wednesday, after the owner of the Washington team asked the New York Mets if he could change the name of his team to the Washington Commanders. The Mets said yes, but that they are unlikely to grant the request. According to the Washington Post, Jeff Bezos said he would not grant the team name change. That would make change pretty simple.

“We’ll have to wait and see what Jeff Bezos [Amazon founder] and his team want to call the team,” said Washington Post reporter Jeff Mason. “Amazon is going to give us a name.”

This is not the first time Bezos has had issues with his team name. In 2012, the Washington Post revealed that Bezos’s Seattle-based company, Blue Origin, had won an order for one-fifth of the rocket to help send people to the moon and beyond in hopes of breaking open the space technology to an international audience. Bezos’s team, Blue Origin, would only send 12 people to the moon. “We will be landing people on the moon, not rocket ships,” Bezos told the paper.

Amazon would eventually give in to pressure and officially change the team name to the Washington Commanders. But Bezos has said that the name is not appropriate for the team. “The Washington Commanders name and logo is too close to other Amazon brands,” Bezos said in a statement. The Washington Post, in a story on Tuesday, said that Jeff Bezos is “convinced that calling the new organization the Washington Commanders will draw closer [to and] improve their credibility among a key demographic.”

It is not just Jeff Bezos. Amazon is not going to let go of this one. They have a history of being one of the most controversial companies of all time. They have the world’s largest single market cap for a single company, a record for one company over a decade, a record

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