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Why You Should Save the Earth

Why You Should Save the Earth

Op-Ed: To save the Earth, think like a ‘blue water’ sailor instead of a ‘blue ocean’ sailor

By Paul Homewood

In an article published by the Associated Press on June 28, 2007, I predicted that the end of the human race was inevitable. It was then that I felt the need, as many of you do, to set the record straight.

For me, what is important is the difference between people who are concerned with the fate of the human race and those who are interested in the fate of their own personal survival.

The first group are concerned with the human race and its future. The second are concerned with their own survival. For those concerned about the fate of our species, I believe the most important action you can take is to not save the environment on which you live, but rather to use it as a resource to save yourself.

I am not talking about a “save the planet” lifestyle. I am talking about being a “blue water” sailor, a term coined by Admiral Richard B. Byrd.

I suggest anyone looking at the future of our species should think on the basis of what a blue water sailor would do.

Not only will it enable you to survive your own personal extinction, but it will help you to preserve the planet on which you live.

I believe the most compelling reason to save the Earth is that it protects us from the threat of global warming. The threat of global warming is not imminent. However, my analysis is that the likelihood of it accelerating to catastrophic levels is at least 50 percent.

The most compelling reason to save the Earth is that it preserves us from the threat of global warming.

This, of course, is not a popular viewpoint with some environmentalists, and it has been the topic of much debate among experts. But the evidence, as I will explain below, appears extremely strong that climate change is already happening, and it is accelerating.

The evidence that climate change is already happening is extremely strong, and I will explain how.

Climate change is already affecting the

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