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The X Factor: The Acts is Renewing for a Third Season

The X Factor: The Acts is Renewing for a Third Season

Here’s the best of the original song contenders in a curated Spotify playlist.

This year, The X Factor: The Acts has been renewed for a third season and will premiere on ITV3 on June 29.

So what does this mean for the competition?

“We’re looking to the future and getting more and more exciting,” says Simon Cowell, explaining the reason behind the renewed. “This is the next chapter of us building a programme that is going to attract another 10 to 20 million viewers over a three year period.”

“It doesn’t mean that ITV are going to leave us any better off. We’re going to continue to be the best on ITV. That doesn’t mean that we’re going to change how we do it, it just means we will be doing it a little bit differently.”

“It means we are going to put more of an emphasis on live performances,” he continues. “It isn’t going to mean we’re going to have some fantastic new competition winners. That’s not going to happen – I just think it’s going to look different.”

“I think this is a time when ITV are going to really start to look at their schedule,” says Cowell. “So, if we are going to live, we’re going to be really focused on bringing our talents onto the platform to give ITV a good night of live shows.”

“But it doesn’t mean that we don’t have a lot of competition,” he adds. “We still have people with fantastic talent, and that is what will be exciting about the future.”

“We can have the best talent in the country represented on ITV,” says Cowell, about the live shows. “They will have the chance to perform live on ITV, in a studio setting. This gives artists a chance to perform in front of 20 million people. And we will have a number of artists who will come through the show and that is going to give them the opportunity to perform on other ITV shows.

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