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The Media is Covering The GOP

The Media is Covering The GOP

Letters to the Editor: It isn’t just Fox News. The media never could take their eyes off Donald Trump during the campaign and the first few weeks of his presidency.

In fact, Trump’s win in November is an endorsement of his policies. For anyone who doubts that, their eyes are wide open.

In spite of the media’s bias against Trump, his win is an endorsement of him. It’s an endorsement by a free nation.

The mainstream media has only covered up for the Republicans.

In the last 24 hours, I saw the following in the main stream media:

A. The Republicans are trying to repeal Obamacare as many Republicans have stated they will do.

B. The Republicans are repealing the Affordable Care Act.

C. The Republicans are allowing the individual mandate to be lifted.

D. The Republicans will repeal the Affordable Care Act as soon as it is implemented.

E. The Republicans are raising taxes as many Republicans have stated that they will do.

F. The Republicans are raising taxes.

G. The Republicans are not going to raise taxes.

H. The Republicans are going to increase the debt to cover the Affordable Care Act.

I’ll keep coming back to #JaredKushner. The reason Kushner said his father-in-law wouldn’t make deals on his son, Jared, marrying Trump was because the president has a habit of saying what he thinks people want to hear.

One issue Kushner and others have that the media does not cover is the issue of illegal immigration. They are waiting for Trump to give them cover on that and not on anything else.

The reason is because if Trump were to be honest with them on that issue, they would also have to be honest with him on the issue of illegal immigration.

Let’s face it: Trump is an immigration expert – he’ll never tell the truth on that issue. No one knows for sure.

So as long as Trump is not honest on

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