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The Florida Democratic Party is using state election rules to energize voters

The Florida Democratic Party is using state election rules to energize voters

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As the political world waits in suspense for the result of the Presidential election, another election is unfolding in Illinois and Florida.

A voter in Illinois will cast their ballot for the first time in a presidential election since 1868, according to Politico.

A voter in Florida will be the first to cast their vote for a major-party’s nominee without absentee ballots since 1956, according to Politico.

The Democratic Party is hoping the move will energize voters.

Voters are expected to go to the polls in both states between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. on Election Day.

The voting in Florida began Monday when the Florida Department of State released the results of its recount. The vote in Illinois is set to begin Friday.

President Trump’s campaign was quick to condemn the move from the left by the Florida Democratic Party, with campaign manager Brad Parscale saying: “If this is the new normal, then the election is over. This is a lost cause.”

But the move by Florida Democrats is not the result of electoral manipulation, but instead follows state election rules.

The Democrats in Florida are using a state law that allows voters to register to vote while they’re in line to cast their ballot. It can be used for votes cast by voters who may not actually be registered. And in the past, it has been used to cast ballots for voters who are registered but not present at the polls.

On Saturday, the U.S. Elections Assistance Commission, or EAC, said the rules for registered voters in Florida should be changed.

“Voters should not be required to show identification in order to vote,” the EAC wrote in a letter to Florida Department of State Elections Supervisor, Scott Arceneaux.

“Voters should not have to wait hours to cast a ballot,” the EAC wrote. “A voter could have voted earlier in the morning. Or, it could be that the voter is already in

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