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The Dodgers’ All-Star Game is the most important one yet

The Dodgers’ All-Star Game is the most important one yet

Guerrero: Kevin de León’s bid for sympathy digs a deeper hole between fans and Dodgers

Dodgers right-hander Kevin (Bud) Guerrero has been so good that there’s a good chance he could win the National League Cy Young Award if he can make the All-Star Game without any setbacks.

He’s pitched very well this season, too, winning 10 games this year and averaging nearly a strikeout per inning. That’s very impressive considering the Dodgers’ rotation has been absolutely terrible, with only Rich Hill being able to stand on his head.

So there’s a good chance we’ll see a big, good-looking, bearded, very rich fellow like Kevin Guerrero come to the ballpark in Miami on Tuesday for the All-Star game.

Or maybe Guerrero will be pitching on short rest.

Guerrero is a very good pitcher and, I’m sure, a very rich fellow, but that doesn’t make him more likable or more interesting to us Dodgers fans, even if he has brought us nothing but enjoyment.

And that brings me to why this is the most important Dodger All-Star Game yet.

It’s not about the fact that Guerrero is a pitcher. It’s not about the fact that he’s going to pitch. It’s not about how good Guerrero is.

It’s about the fact that every Dodger fan has heard Kevin Guerrero’s name mentioned since the Dodgers called him up from their farm team, the Oklahoma City Dodgers, on Aug. 8. He’s been mentioned because he’s a very good pitcher and because he’s a very rich man and because at the moment, he’s a really nice person:

“He’s just a great person,” Matt Kemp said. “He’s a really nice person and a great teammate.

“His family is a little bit involved, but that’s OK. Kevin’s the kind of person you want on your team.”

Kemp has known Guerrero when Guerrero was with the Dodgers’ farm team. The two played on the same high school baseball team and have since become better friends and more comfortable with each other.

Guerrero is a tremendous athlete and plays baseball. He’s

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