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Tana Mongeau: The Next Country Singing Star

Tana Mongeau: The Next Country Singing Star

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When I first set out to write this article about Tana Mongeau, I couldn’t tell you if she’s a country singer or a rocker — that is until she sang her first “Heart Attack” when she was fifteen.

As Tans, Mongeau, and their fans are gearing up for her upcoming album release, I wanted to take a moment to speak to this young music enthusiast, who has had many highs and lows in her life.

Tana’s heart is broken and her life is in disarray.

Her dad is on medication for alcoholism and her mom is on anti-depressants. She has many jobs and attends school for business minors. Even the most basic of facts, such as what Tana’s favorite color is, or what type of music she likes, eludes her. Her heart is broken and her life is in disarray.

I don’t know her as well as those who have been following her for most of her life.

She is a rocker.

She is the best!

She is the next country sensation!

Her life is over with.

I know that if she’s lucky, her fans will find her at her concerts.

In the last five years she has made one album, two EPs, numerous videos, and toured the country. The only reason that she has made one album in the last five years is because she wasn’t able to find the right producers, and producers wanted her to make an album to sell millions.

The first album, “No More Mr. Nice Guy,” was about her relationship with her father and his alcoholism — it was her reaction to his problems.

The second, “Speak Now,” was about the problems that Tana faced with the death of her mother.

The third, “Love Story,” is the story of how she met Ryan, the man who would become her husband.

That was the one and only reason that her album was finally released.

Then it took five years to record the fourth album, “Speak Now.” The album was recorded as a response to her friends’ criticisms of her.

Because she was unable to find

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