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Serena Williams paved the way in the women’s game

Serena Williams paved the way in the women's game

Serena Williams ‘paved the way’ for mothers to keep playing tennis, says Martina Navratilova

Serena Williams has paved the way for other players to keep playing tennis, says former World No.1 Martina Navratilova.

Williams, a four-time Grand Slam title winner, took her game to another level with the arrival of younger players in tennis.

But the American’s success paved the way for other women to continue playing and has not stopped for the top ranked players.

“She paved the way in the women’s game. She did for sure,” Navratilova told Sky Sports.

“I don’t even know what the definition of ‘paved the way’ means in terms of the game. I know that the women have made such a huge difference ever since she has taken on the role of being such a major player, for the game, the women’s game.

“I’m sure it is easier for Serena Williams because she’s had so many of these very successful and beautiful women come into the game, but she still feels like she has to keep in the game and continue to do better, and she just happens to do that in a very special way.”

Navratilova, who beat Williams in the 1985 US Open final, added: “For so many other people who have come in later in their careers, I think they were able to keep playing and be successful in that way.

“And then when she was at her prime, when she was one of those very special players, I’m sure there were other people who were able to keep playing. I’m sure there are many other people who just continued to play.”

Navratilova also shared her reaction to her US Open semi-final against Serena Williams, who she said “has a lot of talent” but “can never match her because she’s a great fighter”.

“A few months ago, I told her I thought she could take it.

“I said I would play her all the way. But I think she has reached the limits of her talent and I’m not sure she can take it all the way.

“She’s such a nice person. She’s a fighter. I love to play against people like that. I always like playing with people who are very aggressive.”

Navratilova, now 86, will be out of

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