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Russian jet crashes into Syrian Arab Red Sea port city of Latakia

Russian jet crashes into Syrian Arab Red Sea port city of Latakia

Video shows scene where Russian jet crashed into building in Syria, local activists say The Russian jet that crashed into a building in Syria was carrying out an anti-terrorist mission, activists said.

A Russian jet crashed into the Syrian Arab Red Sea port city of Latakia on Wednesday morning while carrying out an anti-terrorist mission, local activists said.

The Russian jet carrying 24 passengers crashed in the al-Jabriyah district in an area held by the Islamic State, in what is being described as a “terrorist strike” by pro-government sources on Wednesday.

Images broadcast on Russian state television and social media showed dozens of bodies inside what appears to be the building, which was badly damaged by the impact of the plane.

Video taken at the scene showed people fleeing the scene as the sound of explosions can be heard.

Local activists said the plane was sent to Latakia following the US-led coalition’s air campaign against IS in Syria.

“It was an anti-terrorist strike, the Syrian Arab Air Force targeted the base of the Islamic State,” the activist said.

The pro-government Russian news agency Interfax said the Russian Su-24 bomber carried out the attack, but did not provide evidence of its authenticity.

“The Russian forces carry out a series of strikes aimed at terrorist groups in Syria, targeting their base camps and infrastructure,” said a Russian Foreign Ministry official with knowledge of the operation.

The US-led coalition said it had nothing to say about the cause of the crash.

The Su-24 was one of the most advanced fighter aircraft in the Russian military inventory, and is capable of carrying a bomb load of up to 3,000 pounds.

Russia began carrying out airstrikes against IS militants in Syria in September 2015, while the US, France and Britain carried out similar operations in Iraq.

The Russian military said in September 2015 it would “operate within the framework of the deconfliction agreement with the Americans, so as not to allow themselves to be put under unnecessary risk and to prevent confrontation on the ground”.

Latakia, located some 20 miles south-west of Latakia province and just a few miles from the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, has been the scene of a number of Russian military operations against local rebels.

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