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Restaurants in Cagliari

Restaurants in Cagliari

All the restaurants Stanley Tucci visited in season two of ‘Searching for Italy’

“Searching for Italy” is about what goes on in a small fishing village on the coast of northern Italy, where a retired English professor (Stanley Tucci) has a one-bedroom apartment and lives with his daughter, a nurse (Maria Bonetti), and a cook (Marianne Stukenborg).

Here’s a list of Stanley Tucci’s favorite restaurants in season two of “Searching for Italy”:

La Piotta (Cagliari)

Why it’s great: The restaurant takes inspiration from traditional Sicilian fish restaurants, and features a menu of grilled fish dishes inspired by various fish species, from sea bass to turbot.

Why it’s great: Italian pasta dishes are the main draw at this bustling restaurant in Cagliari, so that’s what you’ll want to look forward to when you visit. The menu is extensive and changing every day, offering you plenty to choose from — perhaps the most popular pasta dishes are the Sicilian mac ‘n’ cheese with shrimp, and the ravioli with red mullet.

Why it’s great: This restaurant in Cagliari, located right on the beach, features authentic fish dishes with seafood and a diverse menu of pasta and risotto dishes. If you prefer something a bit different, try the fish lasagna with clams, scallops or mussels.

Why it’s great: The restaurant is filled with local characters (with the exception of one Italian who only appears on Fridays), such as the owner. The food is also great! The menu features fish dishes such as red mullet or swordfish, and one pasta dish featuring sea bass.

Why it’s great: This restaurant is located just a stone’s throw away from the beach in Cagliari, and serves fish meals in an authentic environment. There are plenty to choose from: try the fish in white wine sauce or risotto with wild mushrooms.

Why it’s great

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