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Mexico City’s House Museums

Mexico City’s House Museums

Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera and More: Visiting Mexico City’s House Museums

Over the past few years, Mexico City has hosted some of the world’s most celebrated museums, but they’re not usually places people turn to make art for art’s sake.

For museumgoers who want to spend time in a place rather than just a few pieces of art, museums don’t offer the sense of a home.

Consequently, they offer the chance for visitors to have a bit of fun without having to make an effort themselves.

Some museums in Mexico City are a good place to get in touch with the soul of Mexico, while others are best left to the art connoisseurs that visit them more as a day trip from Mexico City.

In this guide to Mexico City’s house museums, I’ll introduce you to some of the most fascinating of them: the Diego Rivera Museum, the Museum of Anthropology and a few others that are both culturally and historically important.

The Museum of Anthropology

The Museo y Pueblo de Zona Morelos, or Monuments and Historical Towns in Zona Morelos, is one of the most important museums in Mexico City.

It is a state museum located in the historic center, and tells its visitors about the history of Mexico City, from its colonial eras to the present day.

For museumgoers who prefer to go alone, the museum is a great way to take the time to understand Mexico City’s complex history and culture.

It is a complex museum in that it includes various buildings which reflect the history of Mexico City’s past and present. On the first floor is the Azteca Central America building which tells the history of the colonial era, and on the second floor the Museo de la Ciudad tells the history of Mexico City from a different perspective.

On the third floor you can find the Museo de Arte Popular (Museum of Popular Art), and on the fourth floor you’ll find the Museo de Arte Popular (Museum of Popular Art), a tribute to the art form of the popular in Mexico

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