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Lisa Murkowski’s First Senate Year in Alaska

Lisa Murkowski’s First Senate Year in Alaska

Murkowski withstands another conservative GOP challenger, but it’s time for a change

Sen. Lisa Murkowski was back in Alaska Tuesday after a visit to the state this week. She heard a lot about her visit, from the residents of her home state who made it out to see her, but what really stuck out is the fact that she’s not there anymore.

Murkowski, Alaska’s senior senator, has not been sitting in the state’s U.S. Senate, or even the U.S. Senate capital, Washington, D.C., for the past 13 years.

And Murkowski knows this all too well. The senior senator is no stranger to change. Murkowski has been here before.

Her first Senate term saw Murkowski come up against a tough primary campaign. She’s been a Republican, a Democrat and a libertarian. Murkowski’s been a Republican, a Democrat and a libertarian, but a Democrat and a libertarian who went down the libertarian path.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski has always been a Republican, but in November she announced she was running for governor.

The primary campaign was fierce, and Murkowski became a household name for the conservative movement when she was one of the first to call out Sen. John McCain on his vote to confirm President Barack Obama’s nominee for the job of U.S. Supreme Court justice. She also was one of the first to call out Sen. Harry Reid because of his record on the Senate floor.

It was her third run for governor and she lost to her Democratic challenger, Bill Walker. Murkowski is still a Republican, but her future in Alaska is a very different one.

“I am committed to representing the people and I believe that I can help the state of Alaska,” Murkowski said in a statement at the time. “I appreciate all the calls, emails and letters from Alaskans who want me to serve Alaska for another term

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