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FIFA, Here is Your Chance

FIFA, Here is Your Chance

How a yellow jersey is dividing Brazil, the World Cup and the world

At last, hope of global spread of yellow

FIFA have given Brazil a shot at football at the Olympics, yet no one in the country likes the idea. We are now three years closer to the games. And Brazil have missed out on the world cup, yet again. We cannot say we are disappointed though. And we don’t hate the idea of the Olympics either. We are merely annoyed because this is not the Olympics we had hoped for.

A world that takes pride in sport has long since lost its mind. This is what a yellow jersey means. In many ways, this is what a yellow jersey means.

Footballing nations that once dominated footballing nations, have now become second fiddle. The European nations dominate the footballing world while South America, Africa and Asia look on from the sidelines. The world has been turned on its ear since it’s inception. We are not proud of the sport, it is time that FIFA re-think some fundamental concepts in football. FIFA has been failing footballing nations since the inception of the game. We are frustrated because we had hoped that the game would be taken into the hearts of men. Now we are getting what we have been waiting for.

Many countries are now seeing the world in a new light. The game now needs to be taken into the hearts of women, the youth and the many, for whom football is a great sport. It is time to put the game first and start a revolution in world football. And for FIFA, here is your chance.

There has been much debate over the years over whether Brazil should host the world cup, but this debate is now over. The world will not forget the world cup that Brazil hosted in 2009. More than 20 other nations have been awarded the right to host the world cup in 2014. All this has taken place after President Dilma Rousseff failed to convince FIFA to allow Brazil to host the world cup, even after she met with then President, Sepp Blatter. If FIFA were truly interested in hosting the 2015 world cup, they could have come up with a better and

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