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Benny J. Mejia, City Controller, Needs a Leader

Benny J. Mejia, City Controller, Needs a Leader

Endorsement: Kenneth Mejia for city controller

Voters should give their blessing for the longtime city controller, Kenneth Mejia, to be re-elected.

After two terms on the council, Mejia, 52, deserves another chance to serve. He is a strong fiscal conservative.

Over the years, Mejia has had to tackle difficult projects, such as the rebuilding of the Algiers Theater in 1998, which was hit by Hurricane Opal in the fall of 1999.

A few years later, when developers were trying to build a hotel on the former St. Luke’s hospital site, he got caught up in the negotiations and, along with Mayor Steve Abboud, was forced to step aside to allow the developers to settle the dispute in court.

Although his last term on the council ended in 2009, Mejia was appointed to the newly formed Algiers City Council Advisory Commission the year he retired. He was re-elected to it.

During his two terms on the council, Mejia was a strong advocate for his constituents, who elected him as their district representative.

He has been a tireless public servant who does an exceptional job as city controller.

The city has lost a great deal during the past decade. In 2009, the city lost $16 million and lost a city manager.

The council, however, deserves a leader who will work to address the challenges facing our city.

The city has fallen into disrepair and needs a new and positive mindset, where progress is made.

Mejia is that kind of leader. At a time when the city is facing tremendous growth, Mejia has been a steadfast guardian of our fiscal house.

We need someone who will ensure that the city’s debt is paid down and that taxes are raised to cover the costs of city services.

Mejia is also a great supporter of the arts.

He has seen and experienced a city where many different people come together to create the Algiers Arts Festival.

Mejia’s experience and judgment will be needed as we tackle the challenges facing our city now and in the future.

Benny J. Chabot

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